Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016: a list...

Another list. Another vague opinion. No order.

*Grok--The Spineless Descent
*Auroch--Mute Books
*Oranssi Pazuzu--Varahtelija
*Aluk Todolo--Voix
*Irkallian Oracle--Apollyon
*Alaric--End of Mirrors
*Fordom--Dauora Dura
*Swans--The Glowing Man
*Ritual Howls--Into the Water
*Blood Incantation--Star Spawn
*Skuggsja--A Piece for Mind & Mirror
*Neurosis--Fires Within Fires
*Blut Aus Nord/Aevangelist--Codex Obscura Nomina
*All Your Sisters--Uncomfortable Skin
*Soft Kill--Choke
*Barst--The Western Lands
*Ash Borer--The Irrepassabble Gate
*Garden of Mary--The Agony in Memory
*Bellicose Minds--The Creature
*Aztec Death--Machine
*Black Marble--It's Immaterial
*True Widow--Avvolgere
*Nails--You Were Never One of Us
*Uada--Devoid of Light
*Book of Sand--Occult Anarchist Propaganda

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