Monday, July 27, 2009

coffinworm demo review...

The Cracked Skull is not just another online music review site, but Coffinworm's (Indianapolis, Indiana) demo, 'Great Bringer of Night', is just the kind of homegrown demo worth tracking down and listening to repeatedly at a suitable volume hoping for brown note bliss. The various molten hammers being poured through the speakers of your stereo will reaffirm what metal is all about. 'Great Bringer of Night' is heavy in all the right ways: guitars tuned to the depths of the Mariana Trench, gravel throat blaspheming, subversive bass growls, and war drums. Slow, mid tempo, deft time signature changes, and some well placed feedback adds to the churning of this demo. Basically, if the listener's face is suddenly pulverized into dust against the nearest hard surface while listening to this, then the goal of this demo would seemingly be achieved. Recorded at the aptly named Basement Rage Studio in Indianapolis by Bob Fouts, Coffinworm has managed to capture what lies in the blackened hearts and deep recesses of the minds of those whom don't shy away from the dark and shadows. Instead of having one song that sticks out, 'Great Bringer of Night' is best approached in terms of movements. Each song break signaling the next step, the next push into the ground to ultimately end up as a feast for the creeping things that live on the south side of terra firma. This is quite the initial outing for Coffinworm as their debut full length should be out in '10 on Profound Lore Records. Until then, one fist raised and excessive head nodding will suffice while spinning this disk at top volume.

For information on buying Coffinworm's 'Great Bringer of Night' and other merchandise head to their Myspace page, and catch them at their next show. They won't disappoint.

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